pêche guide lac memphremagog, lomechuse

Do you dream of fishing on one of the most beautiful lakes in the Estrie region of Quebec, a lake that offers a huge potential for fishing various salmonids (gray trout, rainbow trout including the steelhead variety, brown trout, and “ouananiche”,  a landlocked variety of Atlantic salmon)? Well, hesitate no longer and let’s go fishing with Lomechuse, your salmonid fishing guide to Memphremagog Lake!


Come spend an exceptional day fishing for salmonids on the beautiful Memphremagog Lake with a professional and passionate fisherman with more than 20 years of experience in aquatic ecology, fish and fish habitat biology who also specialises in ichthyology and aquatic entomology.


Come share in my knowledge and experience in fishing and biology and discover different fishing techniques and learn the secrets of salmonid fishing on the majestic Memphremagog Lake.


This unique experience will bring you the pleasure of catching trophy fish, of immortalising these exceptional catches, and will teach you all the skills needed to enjoy salmonid fishing in any lake.

My name is Bruno Mayot. At the age of 12, the passion for fishing unexpectedly seized me, and since then I have gone fishing whenever possible, in all kinds of weather and conditions.


In order to learn the secrets of my favourite fishes I dived into studies of all subjects closely or remotely relating to salmonids.

To catch these legendary fish one needs to get to know them and try to understand all aspects relating to them.


-Biologist specialising in ichthyology (fish science), aquatic ecology (habitat and aquatic sciences) and in aquatic entomology (aquatic insect science).


-More than 20 years of experience fishing for salmonids by boat, in rivers and fly fishing.


-More than 8 years of experience fishing for salmonids on Memphremagog Lake.


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